Hatching Dragon Eggs

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Here is what my research I uncovered:

Dragon eggs once laid must gestate for a minimum period, (Dragons refuse to disclose the exact time due to the movement for dragon annihilation.) but then the egg can go into a kind of stasis—if it were hatched you would call it hibernation—until it is time to hatch. There does not appear to be a time limit for stasis but an egg must be thoroughly bathed in fire either before or after stasis to hatch. An unfired egg will never hatch. The fire can be and most often is dragon fire, but can come from volcano heat, bon fire, or an artificial source. At the proper time for hatching a dragonling will chip away at the shell, like a chick, until it eventually emerges from the hole. While dragon eggs are harder than sea shells they are still vulnerable to external cracking like any egg. No matter the initiation, once cracked the egg must completely hatch or the dragonet inside will die. This is how many dragonets were slaughtered in Arthurian times, but that is another topic all together. With dragon numbers scarce and trust between human and dragon often compromised by humans it is not surprising that dragons are very secretive. As I learn more I will report my findings. I have been learning about dragon writing and expect to recount what I am learning soon.


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